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RITE® Program

People whose care needs have changed over time, or have a recently acquired disability, often require support and assistance in finding and accessing appropriate support services.   

Our case management Navigators provide support by coordinating services, ranging from transition from hospital to home to links to other social services, recreational and vocational supports as well as various benefits/pensions.

Helping clients, patients and their families

VHA’s RITE© Services are provided by a team of health system Navigators who are experienced multi-disciplinary health professionals. By assessing, understanding, and influencing the social determinants of health, RITE© Team members support a person’s overall wellness by helping them to benefit more fully from the health and community-based services that are available.

The RITE© approach:

  • Embraces a broader, holistic, definition of “health”.
  • Is personalized to meet the person’s strengths, needs and self-described priorities through a coordinated care approach.
  • Is about prevention, wellness, and successful community connections.

RITE service is short-term intervention, delivered in the individual’s home and community, and includes:

  • Navigation through the Ontario health and social service systems
  • Care Coordination for complex client/family needs
  • Connection with a wide variety of community and government resources.

Let the RITE© team help navigate the variety of health and social services that might help you to Rediscover Independence through Training & Education (RITE©)!  

Am I eligible?

Adults (aged 18 years+) with a valid Ontario health card are eligible.

How can I access RITE© services?

RITE© referrals can be arranged through your Physician, Hospital Nurse, Social Worker or Discharge Planner, Home & Community Care Case Manager, or other primary health care provider. Self-referrals are accepted.

Is there a cost?

There is no cost for RITE© services.

How do I access this service?

Complete the application form and/or contact VHA’s Central Intake at 613-238-8420 or 1-877-818-0884.