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At VHA, you’ll be employed in a highly collaborative and supported work environment.  

Please use this page to understand how VHA Health & Home Support works with educational institutions to provide clinical placements for learners.  

Arranging a Clinical Placement 

We welcome individual students and groups of learners to our unique, interprofessional, collaborative environment.  We accept students from recognized institutions that teach the Personal Support Worker (PSW) curriculum.   

If you or your class would like to do your clinical placement at VHA, please contact vbishop@vhaottawa.ca to make arrangements.   

VHA does not provide any funding for learners studying on placement.  Please note also that VHA can offer placements only to learners for whom the placement is part of their curriculum.   

Students play an important role at VHA Ottawa.  We rely on the dedication, compassion and openness to learning and empathy of students.  Their work without clients is integral to achieving our Mission.    

VHA welcomes student placements from universities, colleges and adult school program.  Our programs offer placement opportunities for individuals and groups enrolled in Personal Support Worker, social services and social work programs.   

What is a Student? 

The key characteristics that define a “student” at VHA include: 

  • They have a designated supervisor who is responsible for their actions; 
  • They have clear learning objectives 
  • Their performance is evaluated in some way; and 
  • They are registered in a program offered by a recognized educational institution.