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We are accountable to our clients and families who trust us with their health care service and a better quality of life, and to our funders and donors who trust us with resources to enable our Mission. We will earn that trust every day and meet our responsibility with the highest degree of integrity and transparency.


VHA works with the Champlain Centre for Health Care Ethics (CCHSE) to build our organizational capacity and provide support to health-care providers as well as clients and families in dealing with ethical issues and moral distress.

The members of our Ethics Committee represent all our services. A Community Representative from outside VHA adds value to discussions by providing an external perspective.

Clients, families and employees have access to a Regional Ethicist who can help guide you to answers to tough questions.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We ensure an inclusive and respectful place for everyone who seeks and provides care. We uphold the rights and needs of the people and communities we serve.

VHA embraces a culture of belonging, where diverse perspectives and experiences are encouraged, supported, and celebrated. A diverse workplace fuels our innovation and enhances our connection to our clients, employees and the communities we serve. 

VHA has zero tolerance for any bigotry/racism, harassment or any other behaviours that challenge an accepting environment.

Environmental Sustainability

One of the key determinants of a healthy population is the health of its environment. as well as medical masks. VHA works with a local company that provides medical waste management so that we protect people and safeguard the environment.

Privacy, Rights & Confidentiality

Personal health information is protected under the Personal Health Information Protection Act.

For more information about personal information and privacy rules, please visit Personal information and privacy rules at ontario.ca.

Ontario Health

VHA is transparent and accountable in the use of the resources provided to us.

VHA and all health service provider organizations that are funded by Ontario Health are required to sign a legal agreement, provide detailed quarterly reports and an annual (year-end) financial utilization report, as well as a variety of compliance reports.